The Band

The Little Black Bottles are a husband/wife duo originally hailing from the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. The subjects of their songs range from horror and science fiction literature/movies to innocent love songs. Their musical style is heavily folk and rock influenced but varies as much as the subject matter.

The band started in 2007 when Jackie picked up the ukulele and started writing some songs. In the tradition of the Misfits and Groovie Ghoulies fan, the song subjects gravitated toward the movies and books that they both enjoyed since childhood, while still retaining the sweet musical sensibility that occurs when singing along with a ukulele. Myke recorded the songs Zombie Romance and Unlucky in Love in their home studio and the band was born. Jackie and Myke started playing acoustic shows as a two-piece, but soon Joy Wood and Jamie Thompson joined the band on bass and drums. The band released the albums “Werewolf of Moncton” and “Let Them Eat Red Velvet Cake” with this line-up before Joy and Jamie departed the band. Myke and Jackie continue to play live as a two-piece and are currently working on recording a series of EPs for release in the near future. The Little Black Bottles have recently relocated to Fort Collins, Colorado and are releasing a series of electro-pop songs to be compiled into an EP.