The Little Black Bottles

This Seattle horror/sci-fi musical duo has released their second album, Let Them Eat Red Velvet Cake, including the zombie songs Letter to Miguel and Zombie Romance. Their songs are somehow fun and melancholy at the same time, and this album has a pretty strong Stephen King influence, so that’s a plus in my book. – KZED Campus Radio – 08/01/2011

The Little Black Bottles

If your definition of a good time is ukulele driven horror influenced folk rock then you are in for a treat. The Little Black Bottles, this little band with a great campy sound come to us from North Bend, WA.  Jackie Fedyk brings her enchanting vocals and spooky ukulele along with Myke Fedyk’s hypnotic guitar rhythms, and bongos backed up by Jamie Thompson on drums and Joy Wood on bass. Together they create a sound remnant of a 50’s drive in horror movie. Their first EP release “The Werewolf of Moncton” is a romantic walk on the beach with Zombies, The Devil and Werewolves. With tracks such as “Zombie Romance”, a sweet melodic tune dedicated to ones undying love for the undead. And “The Devil Takes a Girl” is a guaranteed hit with its 50’s influenced surfing electric guitar and tambourine that will defiantly get your up and dancing around the bonfire.

The Little Black Bottles did not stop there. Soon to be released full-length album, “Let Them Eat Red Velvet Cake” is sure to be full of great retro sounds. But in the mean time The Little Black Bottles have released a single that will not appear on the next album entitled “Baby” about a character of the same name from Rob Zombie’s 2003 movie House of 1000 Corpses.

You can pick up The Little Black Bottles first EP release “The Werewolf of Moncton” on Amazon, iTunes, or visit their website at .

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The Little Black Bottles @ High Dive | 5/24 | 8pm | $6

Little Black Bottles share some subject matter with Voltaire, but have very different styles. This quartet out of North Bend is a folk band with a bit of punk, and their songs are all influenced by horror staples such as zombies and sideshow acts. The song “Zombie Romance” tells the story of two lovers turning into zombies and if they will still love each other. “Unlucky in Love” contains references to the movies “Gidget” and Tod Browning’s “Freaks,” as well as the book “The Outsiders.” Their first EP, Werewolf of Moncton just came out, and their full-length album should be following shortly. Also playing at the High Dive is BODYBOX and Cold December Way. Both bands sound like competent, albeit generic, alternative rock.

Thus Spake Drake 03/30/2010

The Little Black Bottles – Werewolf of Moncton

The Little Black Bottles - Werewolf of MonctonWith horror mainstreaming right now, you have to go out of your way to avoid hearing about vampires, zombies and the like in your popular culture, From Twilight to Pride Predjudice and Zombies, the world of monsters is your door. The Little Black Bottles must have some sense of this, as their debut release might just be indie rock’s answer to this interesting trend. Fronted by the married couple Jackie and Myke Fedyk, TLBB mixes the folk-y quirkiness of Neutral Milk Hotel with some of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s bite in their freakshow. “Ginger Snaps,” is a sonic highlight, referencing the werewolf-centric horror series of the same name, and “The Devil Takes a Girl” is a fun take on Demon-human romance. Worth checking out, if you can handle the horror.