Werewolf of Moncton EP (2010)


The Werewolf of Moncton EP is the first official release by The Little Black Bottles. The EP chronicles the evolution of the band from an acoustic duo to it’s 4-piece lineup. The last three tracks on the Werewolf of Moncton are more stripped-down acoustic tracks recorded by band founders Jackie and Myke Fedyk. After adding Jamie Thompson on drums and Joy Wood on bass, the band started working on new tracks for a full length album. Two tracks from those sessions (The Devil Takes a Girl and Ginger Snaps) wound up as the first two tracks on the Werewolf of Moncton EP and reflect a louder side of the band’s sound.

The Werewolf of Moncton EP should tide fans over, while the band is hard at work on their forthcoming full length album Let Them Eat Red Velvet Cake.

We’ve sold out of physical CDs!!
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