Red Velvet Werewolf Now Available

Red Velvet Werewolf

Recently, we’ve regained the distribution rights to our first two albums, “Werewolf of Moncton” and “Let Them Eat Red Velvet Cake”.  While working on recording, we’ve decided to combine the songs from both those albums into one super-album called “Red Velvet Werewolf”! Red Velvet Werewolf is available on Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, etc.  Enjoy!

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Agatha Hattie, Queen of the Night is now available!

Agatha Hattie, Queen of the Night is a book written by Jackie of The Little Black Bottles and illustrated by Leslie Nan Moon. The book is described as a “Gothic fairy tale for strange parents to read to odd little children” and is now available through The publishing of the book was made possible by the generous backers of the Agatha Hattie Kickstarter campaign.  Head on over to Amazon to pick up a copy today!

Jackie and Leslie are currently booking reading and signing events for Agatha Hattie, with the first being this Saturday, March 9th at Selah Gifts in North Bend WA from noon-2pm. If you know of any independent book stores who should be carrying the book or may want to host an event, drop them a line at the Agatha Hattie Facebook Page.

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Recording bonanza!

Just a quick update on what The Little Black Bottles have been getting up to. We had a great time playing at the International Pop Overthrow Seattle last month. Thanks to David Bash and all the folks involved. We had a great time and met some great people.


We also made a whole boatload of buttons and magnets for the show! On top of that we still have women’s and men’s t-shirts available. You can pick this stuff up at one of our future shows, or if you simply can’t wait, you could drop us a line and we’ll get you hooked up.

We’re taking a break from shows for a little while so we can focus on our next couple of recording projects. The first album we’re working on will be a 6 song EP of cover songs. We’ve already done some scratch tracks and started overdubs. We still need to secure the licensing rights, but here’s the tentative track list:


The Little Black Bottles have also starting work on our next full length album. We’re really excited to get some new material under our belts. We’ve been playing many of the same songs over the past couple years as we adjusted to our lineup changes. We’re ready to unleash some new songs on the public.

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LBB Quarterly Report

Our official site has been somewhat neglected with updates as most of the minutia is posted on our Facebook page. We just played a couple of of great shows over the weekend with Luminol, Atomic Bride and the Kamikaze Queens. All great bands and super cool folks. If you haven’t checked them out or picked up any of their music, we highly recommend you do. In other show news, we have another show with Luminol upcoming on 4/15 at the Sunset Tavern in Ballard.


Last fall saw the release of or album Let Them Eat Red Velvet Cake, which we self released thanks to our fans funding our Kickstarter campaign. Since Joy and Jamie left the band after the tracking of LTERVC, LBB has been playing shows as a duo in various different configurations. For a while we played shows acoustic with me (Myke) playing foot percussion. While this was interesting and somewhat fun, it just became too much to sing, play harmonica, guitar and foot percussion all at once. We’ve recently been playing shows with backing tracks that I mixed and control with a foot controller on stage. This has been working out well and we’ll probably continue with this setup for a while. Jackie has been playing stylophone on one song at shows and we may incorporate this into more in the future. I’d like to bring back the bells and possibly some organ for future shows.


Jackie’s got a bunch of newer songs that we are going to start work on recording in the next few months. We’re not sure what direction things will take but we figure we’ll just jump in and see where things go. Thanks to everybody who has supported us by buying our CDs and shirts, pledging on our Kickstarter campaign, and coming to our shows.

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