Recording bonanza!

Just a quick update on what The Little Black Bottles have been getting up to. We had a great time playing at the International Pop Overthrow Seattle last month. Thanks to David Bash and all the folks involved. We had a great time and met some great people.


We also made a whole boatload of buttons and magnets for the show! On top of that we still have women’s and men’s t-shirts available. You can pick this stuff up at one of our future shows, or if you simply can’t wait, you could drop us a line and we’ll get you hooked up.

We’re taking a break from shows for a little while so we can focus on our next couple of recording projects. The first album we’re working on will be a 6 song EP of cover songs. We’ve already done some scratch tracks and started overdubs. We still need to secure the licensing rights, but here’s the tentative track list:


The Little Black Bottles have also starting work on our next full length album. We’re really excited to get some new material under our belts. We’ve been playing many of the same songs over the past couple years as we adjusted to our lineup changes. We’re ready to unleash some new songs on the public.

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